Business model

Our company’s unique client-based values and the incredible variability of our plant-based barcodes allows to answer your needs in the best conditions.

- To any person or company looking to protect works of art, furniture, valuable items, and so on, GINGKO SFERE delivers custom-made and ready-to-use solutions.

- To any company looking to secure its products and its brand, GINGKO SFERE delivers a strong research & development support to optimize and provide the most secure authentification and brand-protection solution to suit your specific needs. This stage is then followed by an industrialization stage which adapts and incorporates the botanical fingerprint to your manufacturing processes.

-For the valorisation of plant-based products or co-products, GINGKO SFERE provides its help to any company or any farmer planning to finalize some plant purification. GINGKO SFERE’s relationship with the Research Universities of Montpellier offers endless opportunities for the production of medecines, drugs, new biotechnologies, natural fertilizers.