Material support and applications

We create customized, unique molecular codes that can be applied onto and into the product itself:    leather, paper, ink, glassware, wood, photo, plastics, raw fiber or thread, woven labels or applied to the finished garment or material.  The “botanical fingerprint” provides increasing levels of overt and covert security that may be read by different methods capable of detecting them. Examples of such reading.

Methods include optical methods such as simple direct imaging for quick verification or molecular code-processing methods for expert detection. These can be detected with a variety of hand held readers and scanners, which offer options for authentication on location as well as lab verification.

GINGKO SFERE is currently exploring all markets in particular luxury goods, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, works of art, fabrics but also bio-marking. Our security printing solution is 100% organic. As a result, we can safely protect not only every label or package of a given product, but also the product itself. You get highly flexible and highly resistant, visible or stealth markers which will never alter the marked product.