GINGKO SFERE offers a patented  solution for your traceability, authentication or anticounterfeiting needs. Resulting from research carried out at the University of Montpellier in the South of France, our technique helps you manage and secure your

intellectual property. A unique mix of botanical extracts constitutes a molecular code.

Comparable to the fingerprint or DNA of an individual, this code becomes your product’s botanical fingerprint.

A flexibility of applications :


The botanical fingerprint can be sprayed, printed, or embedded into a range of carriers, such as varnishes, paints, glues, threads, papers, woods, plastics, leather, metal coatings, etc. Compatible with a wide range of products, it can be placed anywhere in or on the product, without ever modifying its original aspect. Our technology can be visible or invisible and is easily adaptable. It will not require major changes to the manufacturing process or supply chain.

An environment-friendly solution:


GINGKO SFERE provides you with an organic solution,  our botanical solution provides invaluable tools for the protection and authentication of food products and cosmetics.