Our values

Addressing authentication, identification or anti-counterfeiting needs demands a solution that is easy to use and implement, hard to temper with, that requires smaller investment than the current RFID technology, accurate at detection, and that does not alter the quality or aspect of the product.

Our security printing solution is 100% organic. As a result, we can safely protect not only every label or package of a given product, but also the product itself.Our “botanical fingerprint” provides certified identification, authentication, security and product-protection solutions. Working for the development of clean technology processes and services, we use 100% certified-organic products, thus combining naturalness with effectiveness, respect for the environment with respect for consumers, and authenticity with biotechnology.

Contrary to some security printing solutions using High Frequency RFID, microchips, or  polluting inks, GINGKO SFERE provides you with an organic solution that will not alter the quality or aspect of your product. Sustainable development has become our priority with a focus on the quality and traceability of the natural ingredients that we use.